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Sandra Pfau Englund, Esq.

Nonprofit Attorney & Author

Sandra Pfau Englund, Esq. has provided legal counsel to nonprofit groups for over 20 years. Sandy is founder of RENOSI, Inc., a company that helps nonprofit groups manage the growing federal and state filing requirements necessary to obtain, and maintain, tax-exempt status.

She is the industry thought leader on issues related to tax-exempt status and compliance, and financial and fundraising transparency. Englund began her career with a Washington, D.C-based law firm where she represented tax-exempt status, grants and expenditure responsibility, and private foundation rules and regulations.

Englund is a sought-after subject matter expert and has been quoted by NBC’s TODAY show and in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, among others. She is published and speaks throughout the country on issues relating to nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations.

She earned her law degree and a Master’s in Public Administration from George Washington University. She also holds a bachelor’s degree magna cum laude from Eastern Michigan University, from which she was named Outstanding Young Alumnae.

A note from Sandy

Here’s the truth. I never really wanted to be a dog person. I’m a travel person and I knew that having pets would interfere with my desire to see the world. I’m also a mom, however, and I finally caved in and got my daughter Maggie a dog. Boy did I cave. It wasn’t a year later when I decided that little Stella needed a friend, and so we got Tottenham.

Here’s another truth. I hate legalese. I’ve always had a passion to simplify. To uncomplicate the complicated. To just get stuff done.

That’s why I wrote Rescue Me. I wanted to rescue all the people passionate about saving pets from the complicated nightmare of getting an animal rescue up and running. I took my 20+ years of representing nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations, and wrote it all down in a step-by-step guide. I’d love to hear from you about how I did, what your questions are, and how I can make the Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up an Animal Rescue better.

Sandy Englund

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